Dan has been involved with wood most of his life. He majored in Forestry and Wood Technology in college and then spent over 25 years in the structural wood products industry. From trees to finished products he has been intimately involved with every aspect of the processing of wood fiber, design, manufacturing, sales, and management. Retiring early from the industry and relocating to western Washington for Kate's career, Dan attend an area technical college and increased his knowledge in cabinet making and millwork technology. After successfully completing his studies, he along with his wife Kate, then founded and opened a small, custom woodworking business. Kate has also had a long career in the structural wood products industry focusing on accounting and information technology. Dan is the artist and Kate is his mentor, critic, accountant, book keeper, task master and most loyal Customer! It really takes this team effort to bring their custom products to you.  Together they are KND Woodworking and through their labors, work for you ........Bringing Wood to Life!

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